Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gallery Wall Layout

While we are on the topic of a gallery wall, I'm starting to collect the pieces I'd like to hang together, gather frames that work well with one another, and work on a layout that will look organized without being perfectly symmetrical.  Thank god I didnt' decide to just start hanging things... I can just imagine trying to do a large gallery wall without at least a little planning...

This is what we are working with... a big empty wall.  Let's get a good "before" here...

I cringe to even look at this picture, but this is what our living room looked like almost a year ago when we moved in - this was taken just after Christmas, so we'd been there for just about one month by this point.  The wall behind Kris' sad little love-seat is big... REALLY big... and this picture does a good job of showing how much empty space there is.

If there were a title for my life, it would be called, Making Do With What You've Got - and I have gotten pretty good at it!  While I'd love two new sofas (instead of two old, mismatched, and very uncomfortable love-seats) it just is NOT going to happen right now.  Banishing the idea of a new sofa, my goal is to distract from what I don't like with things I love.  Since these love-seats are smaller and lower to the ground, this means that I have even more wall to work with - if we were to replace the black love-seat with a sofa, this gallery wall might need a bit of adjusting, but since a new sofa is a very distant purchase on the "want" list, I think this gallery wall will be intact for some time.

Now that we've got a really good "before" pic (aka, a really awful photo that makes any improvements I've done look AMAZING) let's take a look at what the wall looks like now.

We may or may not have one or two unpacked boxes shoved in the back of my closet, but I couldn't stand looking at a huge blank wall, so a few months after moving in, I hung a few pictures on this sad, empty wall!  It currently looks like this...

This is the best photo I can find to illustrate how the wall looks now.  There is a trio of black and white photos hanging (even though this photo only captures two of them) and as you can see, the room is a far cry from last January.  The addition of curtains, coordinated throw pillows, and a new rug made a HUGE impact on what had been an empty shell of a room.  That said, you can still see that despite having a few frames on the wall, they are hung too high, and are just too small for the space (also, I realize after posting this that the frames are STILL crooked... I tried!!)

This photo shows the wall from another angle - excuse the horrid lighting.  The wall needs some love - it's as simple as that.

Since it's clear that I am not so great at hanging frames symmetrically, I am looking for a layout where I can have staggered frames of varying sizes while keeping a somewhat organized look and feel.  I searched online for some gallery wall layouts (why reinvent the wheel, right??) and I found none of them helpful.  Thanks for nothing Pinterest!

So, in an attempt to be resourceful, I started working on my own layout.  I have most of the frames I plan on using already, so taking their measurements, I began playing around on the floor of the living room.

This is what I ended up with after a few tries...

Eh... I wasn't loving it.  I think I definitely need a couple more frames to round it out, so I turned to my computer to start mapping the wall out...

This is what we have right now...


I'm not going to continue to beat a dead horse... three frames = too small for large wall... moving on


I like that even though these frames are different sizes, having the four smaller frames on the bottom row still make this feel balanced and symmetrical.

I have one large piece that I'd like to hang as a portrait, but it's large... in order for it to be hung vertically, the largest frame would need to move, so I played around and came up with this...

Again, I like it, but want to feel 100% confident before putting more holes in the wall.  Now for the fun part... choosing all the art!

Stay tuned for updates!!


  1. Hi! Love the updated layout II, do you have measurements for what each frame is? That would be awesome!

    1. I'm still working on getting the last few frames, but if you send me your email, I can let you know the approximate measurements here since I have most of these frames.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Thanks Becky! My email is robinmutter@hotmail.com

    1. Perfect - I did a little spec work last night, and put together some measurements - I'll email you :-)