Monday, August 12, 2013

Steel Cased Windows

I am so beyond obsessed with steel windows and doors.  With this awful weather in SF, and what has been one extended bad hair day for the past month, I've been daydreaming of leaving the city for warmer weather, and more space.  I downloaded the Zillow app recently to browse house listings in the bay area (you know... just to see...), and it has become a huge time suck as I indulge in reality TV each night...

Let's be completely honest with each other ok?  Ok... the bay area is expensive... really expensive... so most of the houses in our price range feature lovely Formica counter-tops, fluorescent overhead lighting (always super flattering), shag carpet, lots of yellowed linoleum, and horrid faux finishes galore.

Let me paint the picture... this is what $950K gets you:


Luckily for me, I see past all the hideousness, and imagine all the things I'd do to transform these homes from the Nightmare on Elm Street... and yes, it does take A LOT of imagination...

One of my favorite architectural details that I would absolutely LOVE to incorporate into our future home is steel framed windows and doors.  They are super clean and simple, a little industrial, and yet still seamlessly fit in almost any style space, from contemporary, to Spanish, to classic.

Um... OMG those wood beams paired with the steel cased windows are TO DIE FOR. Double-threat! I also love the overhead industrial sconces, and the simple black and white color palate.  I really think the thin steel frames on these windows and doors let the outside in, and don't detract from anything!

If this isn't an entryway... I don't know what it.  Sooo simple, but so pretty.

And a wall of these windows just let's so much light into this dark tone kitchen.

Everything.  Love.  The black lacquered tile floors, the french bistro chairs, corner bench seating, black and white galore, that pretty blue and white chinoiserie vase (with tea roses)... and of course those windows.

And of course, they are right at home in this industrial work space...
And as natural as they looked in an industrial space, the steel cased windows are as at home in this earthy living room...

And this arched steel cased window is amazing.  So pretty in an all white, simple room.

I mean... this is the stuff dreams are made of right???


  1. SO, OK, I about flipped when I saw the photo of the lovely lady sitting on the countertop in one of the first photos here. Merely moments before, I was looking (read drooling) over a real estate listing here in Atlanta...that house is FOR SALE! That kitchen is TO DIE FOR! Ok, THE WHOLE HOUSE IS TO DIE FOR! Here is the listing...

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