Monday, October 17, 2011


In the last year, my sister got married, and with that came a whirlwind of events that we needed to put together and host.  With a limited budget, my sister went against conformity, and did NOT enlist the help of a wedding planner.  Instead she focused on what she wanted the most - good food, open bar, and beautiful florals.  Without a planner orchestrating everything, my mom and I rolled up our sleeves and got to work sharpening our flower arranging skills and frosting expertise.

All the planning was so fun, and my mom and I have even thrown around the idea of opening our own party planning company together.  Not only is this the stuff we love (flowers, food, and of course drinking), but I have to say, we are pretty good at it!   It's still such a fantasy, but one day that would be pretty amazing.  My mom simply refers to us as "CGPP" - Christensen Girls Party Planning.  It's so cute - I kind of love the idea!! I think the name needs some work in the grand scheme, but I would have so much fun, arranging flowers, setting up appointments, and orchestrating large scale events like weddings, showers, and even posh get-togethers. Oh to dream....

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