Monday, April 30, 2012

Wedding Style Guide: Evening Wedding

To continue this series of posts, I wanted to talk about evening weddings.  Black-tie optional is something you see on a TON of invitations.  This translates to cocktail-length evening wear.  Do not take "black-tie optional" to mean "floor length gown".  Aside from the bride (and maybe the bridesmaids) you'll end up being the only other person there in a floor length ensemble.  It's a "don't" for sure.

My guidelines for a black-tie optional evening wedding are simple, and here are a few inspirations to get you going!

Pretty in Pink:

Evening Wedding I

This look could possibly double as a late afternoon to evening wedding.  Even though its short, the color keeps the whole look sweet, so you'll avoid looking like a tart.  A few rules - keep the footwear classic.  A t-strap shoe is perfect here - strappy or sparkly heels will put this over the top for sure.  Keep all the accessories in the same color family - golds, rose golds, cremes, and tonal pink is pretty together.  This look is for sipping bubbly under the stars, and dancing to a live band's Frank Sinatra re-productions.

Red Hot Ruffles:

Evening Wedding III

This is DEFINITELY a dress to be worn strictly after dark.  A one shouldered, ruffly red number is in no way appropriate for a non-evening wedding.  Art deco jewlery, an embossed crocodile (or faux croc) clutch, and classic pumps accessorize the look.  Just be sure to bring a pashmina for your shoulders as you leave!  This look is perfect for a hotel wedding - picture a grand ballroom, chandeliers galore, and champagne towers.

**A note of caution: make sure the skirt falls just above your knees - any shorter and this is not a wedding look anymore!

Floaty Full Skirt:

Evening Wedding II

Oh the romance of a wedding... and what is more romantic than a full skirt and lace??  A soft dove color allows you to be more bold with bright accessories.  Nude pumps will elongate the legs, and a sweet embellished sweater will keep the chill off at night.  This look is perfect for sipping martinis at the country club's bar, and twirling on the dance floor with your date.

Final words of advice??  Follow the cardinal rules and you will be fine!

  1. NO White.  If the pale pink is even close to white, wear something else!
  2. Nothing TOO short.  If you wouldn't want your grandmother to see you in it, chances are your friend getting married doesn't want her grandmother to see you in it either.
  3. Do not try to outshine the bride.

Living Room Updates

Time for a few updates on our living room!

As I mentioned here, I pulled the trigger on a grey trellis rug that I'd been eyeing for months.  I originally thought it was back-ordered until May, but when it arrived early, I was thrilled!  It REALLY brings some life to the room... I think I'm in love.

I literally scoured my hard-drive for some good "before" pictures, and was shocked that it was so hard to find any!  In advance, excuse the poor quality, weird light, etc.  P.S. don't mind that the edge of the rug is rolled up in this picture - I had JUST layed it out, and since then it's flattened out :-)


I still love the sea-foam colored Persian rug that was in there before, but with strong sunlight from the floor to ceiling windows, and the very neutral colors, the room was feeling very washed out.  The old rug is going to be making a new home in our bedroom, while the grey trellis is here to stay.


A few other small changes - the tall $15 lamp from Target moved across the room (you can see it in the first "before" next to my beloved wicker chair) - we both hate this lamp but it's here for the meantime.  There are other things on my loooonnnggggg list of "wants", so it will have to wait.  

The small glass top table moved in between the desk and the wicker chair, and the lamp is actually a total re-purpose.  Remember those tall candlestick lamps from the bedroom post here??  Well a new lampshade later, this little guy is looking much better!  This table was a steal from Craigslist that I bought when I first moved to San Francisco.  It's not really our taste, but replacing it is not a top priority.

I also won a small battle, and finally got rid of Kris' HIDEOUS filing cabinet.  The paperwork has been temporarily moved into the black and white chevron print file box under the table next to the TV.

Next up on my grand list?? Replacing all the mismatched pillows with new covers.  They are so shabby, so I am going to have to make some tough decisions.  I want them to have both color and pattern, but nothing too wild.

Also, after looking through these pictures, I notice that we've got cords EVERYWHERE.  Must fix that with some strategic taping, and anchors along the walls!!

I love coming home now to my freshened living room, but it is by no means "finished."  I find myself picking it apart when looking at these photos, and there are still SO MANY things I want to change.  I want to replace both couches, get two lovely Chippendale's to define the sitting area (remember this post??) Replace the wicker chair with a big comfy overstuffed chair, swap out the wrought iron side table next to the desk, update the art on the wall over the black sofa (maybe a gallery wall here?), and the mirror in the entry needs to find a new home - I'd love to put some shallow shelves up there, but it is what it is.

Anyways, despite my never-ending laundry list of things I want, I always remind myself, I'm only 28, I have years to accumulate pieces I love, and right now I am very happy with the mini updates I've made.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Weekend!

The weather in San Francisco is back to being beautiful today after a drizzly Wednesday and Thursday (actually the rain was welcome - my car had been getting wayy too dirty... hello California Car Wash).

Anyways, today we took a long lunch and headed to Hillstones - one of our favorite spots near our office on the Embarcadero.  The food is amazing (certainly not healthy), and between the wine and the sunshine on the patio, I almost felt like I was on vacation.  Yes we drink on the job.  Media.  Go figure.  (side note, the above picture was our second bottle... eeps).

Unfortunately the lunch was not fully a celebration for us - I am so sad that one of my girls is leaving the agency today, but though bittersweet, I am so happy for her.  It's always good (professionally) to spread your friends out... oddly, I'll be her client now, ha!

This week has been a whirlwind of work and entertaining, and I am looking forward to a mellow weekend - some quiet dinners with my honey, maybe a bike ride over the Golden Gate bridge to Sausalito, and some sunny beautiful spring weather.

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

First Position

Oooo emmmmm geeeeee!!!

I have been in love with ballet for as long as I can remember.  My favorite field trip in school was to see the Christmas production of The Nutcracker - to this day, my best friend and I still go every year to see it at the holidays.  I just think that of all the types of dance, it is by far the most beautiful.

While I wish I could get on pointe, and pirouette my way across a stage, it's probably a good thing that my mom didn't enroll my sister or I in ballet classes beyond the "leap gracefully over the feather" level.  My low tolerance for pain and love of food would have been a huge problem.

Anyways, there have been pretty much zero good ballet movies since Center Stage (and even some people might argue with me that it wasn't that great of a movie).  That is why I am SO excited for the release of First Position - a documentary that follows six young dancers as they compete in one of the largest and most prestigeous world wide dance competitions.

Watch the trailor - goosebumps!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yellow Polka-dot Bikini - Fashion Inspiration


It was an itsy, bitsy, teeny, weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini, that she wore for the first time today... 

I'm pretty sure that ever since that song was released, the sweetly-sexy yellow bikini has been in production around the clock.  Taking inspiration from the spring and summer runways, along with the every traditional retro bikini cuts, I've been on the hunt for an itsy bitsy bikini of my own.  

Apparently Victoria's Secret got the memo!!  Whether it has a ruffled bottom or a truly itsy-bitsy triangle top, I am facing a very difficult decision narrowing down between these teeny bikinis!

yellow polka dot bikini!
I am loving the retro vibe from this sweetheart halter, and the mix of stripes and dots is so cute!  The removable strap for tanning is also a little TOO convenient!

The yellow polka-dot bikini gets an update here with neon yellow ruffles and string ties and gold polka dots - a sassy statement for any beach or pool!

Itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini
A true classic - the tie on the top gives this bikini a nautical feel, and what girl doesn't want a little push up padding to help things along??

The ruffled edges on this little number would work well to enhance a small bust, however I'm not loving the sea foam green ties on the bottoms... nothing a little snip of the scissors can't fix!

yellow polka dot bikini (:
With a thick halter strap, and a thick band below the bust, this bikini will stay where you put it - perfect for a little vollyball on the beach - just be sure to double knot those bottoms!

Healthy Eating: Spicy Shrimp Tostadas

Holy smokes - this recipe is amazing!  I went over to my old apartment last night to have dinner with my best friend - aka, drink wine and watch her make dinner.

She busted out this recipe from Pinterest, and trust me when I say, it is one of the easiest, and most amazing dishes I've had in a long time - caution... its SPICY.  Obviously you can adjust the recipe as you wish, but the Jalapeno Avocado Sauce is what makes this dish!

  • Spicy Shrimp Tostadas
  • 6 corn tortillas
  • 18-20 large shrimp, peeled & deveined
  • 3-4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, divided
  • 1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika
  • 1/2 teaspoon cumin
  • 1/2 teaspoon hot chili powder
  • juice of 1/2 a lime
  • salt & pepper
  • 1 tablespoon cilantro, chopped (or as much as you like... I'm a cilantro lover, so we were a bit liberal here)
  • 1/2 cup red or green cabbage, shredded

  • Jalapeno Avocado Sauce
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1/4 cup plain greek yogurt
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 jalapeno, seeds removed
  • juice of 1/2 a lime
  • 1 tablespoon cilantro

Spicy Shrimp Tostadas
  1. In a small bowl combine shrimp, paprika, cumin, chili powder and a pinch of salt & pepper. Set aside.
  2. In a medium skillet over medium-high heat add 1/2 a tablespoon of olive oil and pan fry each tortilla, adding another 1/2 tablespoon of oil with each tostada. You just want to crisp them up on each side.
  3. Set tortillas aside on a plate with paper towels (to soak up excess oil) and saute shrimp in the same skillet with the lime juice until they just turn pink on each side, about 3 minutes total.
  4. To assemble tostadas start with the cilantro and avocado sauce on the bottom (this serves as the clue to hold the rest on the tostada), followed by the cabbage, then shrimp on top

Jalapeno Avocado Sauce
  1. Combine all ingredients in a food processor and process until smooth (we found an immersion blender worked just as well)
  2. Try not to go at the sauce with tortilla chips before the shrimp have finished cooking - it's THAT good

 This BEAUTIFUL photo courtesy of Running to the Kitchen

So that's it - yes you will have to get a few dishes dirty in the process, and no one likes to clean off an immersion blender or food processor, but it will be well  worth the hassle in the end!

I nearly had to roll myself home after four of these bad boys.

I wish we could take 100% of the credit on this recipe, but Gina from Running to the Kitchen is the real mastermind here.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I have to brag... Just a little

I never do this, but I just have to brag a little bit about my main squeeze.

He is one of the hardest workers I know - to a flaw... he is one of the only people I know who is truly passionate about what they do for work... and in addition to being one of the kindest, most loving people I know, he is also one of the smartest.

For these reasons and so many more, I am so proud to say that today, the start-up he has worked at tirelessly for the last two years has been released out of private beta.  When the NY Times and Wall Street Journal are posting stories on the release of your product, you know that you've made it.

Congratulations to my love.  I am so proud of you.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend in Napa

Happy Monday and what a wonderful weekend it was!  The Bay Area was experiencing a heat wave, and I was loving every second of it!

Making the most of the sunny warm weather, I headed up to Napa with some co-workers for what we like to refer to as an "offsite".  To clients this reads as, we-are-not-checking-email-so-if-you-have-any-questions-hold-them-till-Monday.  

We arrived at the fabulous Bardessono Resort in Yountville, and settled in.  This picture does not even do this place justice - this eco (and dog) friendly resort is hands down the nicest five star hotel I've ever seen - each room has a bathroom the size of my living room, outdoor showers and bathtubs in your private garden, a lovely patio for early morning coffee... need I go on?  The rooms themselves are airy and bright, with lofted ceilings, fireplaces, and gourmet treats to snack on.  Don't even get me started on the fancy toilets, swanky beauty products, and "smart technology" (the rooms literally know when you're not there and shut lights off, air off, etc to stay green).  Dang!

Anyways... a quick cocktail by the pond and we were off to the Kuleto Winery and Estate for some wine tasting. 
Unlike most popular wineries up in Napa, this one is off the beaten path (nearly 20 minutes off the beaten path to be exact), and it was well worth the drive on the very narrow winding road to the top.  Pat Kuleto (owner of famous SF restaurants Boulevard, Farallon, Jardiniere, Epic Roasthouse, and WaterBar to name a few) started this winery in 1992, but it feels like its been there forever.  It felt like I had driven an hour out of San Francisco, and ended up in Tuscany - magical!

The grounds were absolutely stunning - rolling hills of wildflowers, huge grassy areas for lounging and picnicking, and even a lake with a boat in it (what villa is complete without a lake?!)  The views were incredible, and most importantly, the wine was fabulous.  I'll definitely be going back :-)

Take a look at the tasting area - lovely long tables under a raw wood arbor - in the summer its fully shaded from the vines that take over (can't you just imagine a small romantic wedding here??)

We didn't go into the barrel room, but they do tastings in there on cold rainy days.

You can kind of see the small man made pond down below - what you can't see so well is the amazing antique wooden Chris Craft wooden boat in it.

Just look at those views!! In the distance, there is a larger lake - perfect for boating and fishing - and beyond that is the bustling valley (which we returned to all too soon)

That night, we dressed up and headed to dinner at a new restaurant that recently opened in Yountville - Redwood, the sister restaurant to Red was amazing - I WISH I had a picture of the food we ordered... we were tipsy and really hungry, so I think our eyes were bigger than our stomochs.  Luckily, that meant left-overs (which I love).

We ended the night with drinks on the porch at Bottega, Michael Chiarello's restaurant, where he works nightly.  Proof?  He came over to check on us - twice.  We are kind of bff's now :-)

The next morning, I woke up early to make the most of my Napa stay.  I sauntered over to Bouchon - Thomas Keller's bakery - where the line was already out the door by 8am.  I got there just in the nick of time - there was maybe 6 people in front of me when I got in line, but when I left 15 minutes later, the line was about forty people deep - down the block.

Take a look at these pictures and you can see why - the assortment of fresh pasteries, sandwiches, cookies, and little goodies is mind boggling.  I somehow managed to spend $50 on just myself.  Of course I had to get a few treats to bring back to Kris :-)

Can we also make note of the Kate Gosslin lookalike in front of me?? That hair!!  I could not stop staring!

After breakfast, and a delicious latte in the early morning sunshine, I headed to the spa for a massage - it was SOO good.  I was sore for the rest of the weekend - just the way I like it :-)

After my massage was a bike ride through the surrounding vineyards (no I can't even make this stuff up) - it was hot and sunny, and I got to test out the resort's new electic bike - SO COOL!  The motor kicks in on the hills, making for a super easy ride.  I could have kept at it all day!

Before hitting the road to get back to the city for my dad's birthday celebration, I took to the cabanas at the pool, had a little lunch, and soaked up as much sun as I could.

Such a fabulous mini get-away.  I left feeling relaxed, happy, and very well fed :-)

Hope you all had a great weekend too!!

Lillies, Lattes & Lace Guest Post

I am guest posting today over at the amazing blog, Lillies, Lattes & Lace!

You know when you discover someone with loads of style and you can't get enough of them?  That's Kendall, who I've decided is my long lost sister who happens to live in Toronto.

She is on a fabulous Mexican get-away (probably basking in the sun as we speak), so while she is away, I am honored to write a post inspired by her trip.  

A big welcome to all LL&L readers who are visiting Cup Half Full for the first time!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring


Holy cow!  I'm pretty sure this is the stuff that dreams are made of (at least it's the stuff my dreams are made of)... ahh!  Just a little something pretty to start to weekend off right!

I heading up to Napa today for work - we will be staying the night at the Bardessono in Yountville - possibly my favorite place on earth.  I am really looking forward to some wine tasting, laying by the pool (weather says it should be close to ninety degrees!) and some pasteries from Bouchon Bakery tomorrow morning.

We'll be throwing a big party tomorrow night to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday, so there is so much to look forward to!  Friends, family, wine tasting, warm weather... Happy Weekend!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Live Beautifully

I am officially in love with Maria Beck's blog, Live Beautifully, and I am not ashamed to admit that I want her life.  She is a prominent Texan interior designer, who owns her own company.  Her taste is flawless, and her renovations are absolutely stunning - we are talking serious transformations on some of these - tearing down walls, gutting entire floors of homes, etc.  After discovering her site, several hours disappeared a little too quickly as I scrolled through page after page of beautiful design.

What I especially love is how she aims to preserve the integrity of the homes she revamps, and stays true to the era of the home.

This is her most recent kitchen renovation where she made a much smaller kitchen an open functional space for a large family who entertains.

The before and after is really shocking.  She opened up a wall to open the kitchen to the living space, knocked down a wall to expand the kitchen into previously un-used square footage, expanded the island, and extended the cabinets up to the ceiling (one of her favorite tricks, and I have to say, one of the biggest impact changes to every kitchen remodel she does!)

This is one of my favorite dining room transformations - the room is small (compared to some of the expansive Texan homes she works on) but feels grand at the same time.  You wouldn't know to look at it now, but the room had painted cement tile floors before the transformation (woof).  Thankfully these were replaced with french herringbone wood floors - so pretty (see below)

Her rooms are peppered with all my favorite styles - neutral colored core pieces, lots of dark wood, nail-head trim on everything, high mounted curtains, classic subway tiles (in kitchens and in bathrooms), animal print, lots (I mean LOTS) of white, natural fiber fabrics, grand chandeliers, deep tufting... oh my!  The list goes on!  These rooms look livable, but elegant.  I would not hesitate to sink into the deep fluffy furniture or cook in these kitchens.

Enjoy some of my favorite transformations from her blog, and be sure to check out Live Beautifully - you will fall in love!

Bali: Must See Stops

Last week, I mentioned a few options for our big trip this year.  Ultimately, we are looking to experience part relaxation, and part culture / sightseeing.  The past several years, I've had my fair share of beach vacations - Cabo, Hawaii, Playa del Carmen, and Costa Rica - all beautiful places, but I was more about sunning myself at the beach than exploring the culture.

In an attempt to figure out where we should go and what each vacation would look like, I've done some research, and I'm putting together a mock itinerary for each destination - first up... Bali!

I found a fabulous guide to Bali on Gadling (a Huffington Post Property).  This itinerary of top destinations and activities is fully their work, and I take zero credit for it, but it has totally made me want to pack a bag and leave!!

Bicycle around Ubud
The streets of Ubud teem with culture. A great way to see the town, surrounding artistic villages, and working rice paddies is on bicycle. Start at Monkey Forest and visit with the infamous residents -- crab-eating macaques. Mid-day, head over to Goa Gajah, one of Bali's most unique holy places. To end your day, ride to the village of Petulu. A massive nightly Heron migration is said to be the manifestation of spirits felled in a communist cleansing back in the 1960s. The birds began showing up exactly one week after an especially brutal massacre and have roosted in Petulu every night since. The scene is holy.

No trip to Bali is complete without a stay in Ubud. Some of my favorite Ubud guest-houses are Tegal Sari, Tepi Sawah, and Greenfields. Book early and get a view overlooking the rice paddies. Some great bike tour companies are Bike Baik and Banyan Tree, but setting off on your own trip of discovery is much more exhilarating.

Rice Terrace, UbudRice Terrace, Ubud
Learn to Surf in Kuta
If the heart of Bali's culture beats in Ubud, then its hard charging Bintang gripping extremities flail about in Kuta. The scene is all here: bikinis on the beach, clubs that go all night, expat bars, hip travel cognoscenti, and intoxicated Australian high fivers. Depending on the experience you expect to derive from travel, Kuta will either be a place to remember or a place to forget. Perhaps, even a place to remember forgetting. Either way, Kuta does surf lessons brilliantly. Since the Kuta wave breaks over sand rather than coral, new riders do not exit the water grasping for gauze. This provides a perfect arrangement for wide-eyed noobs to pick up the surf game. After a day spent learning your way around a barrel, quench your thirst with fresh fruit drinks and a sunset at KuDeTa.
There's a saying that God lives in the Himalayas. I have a feeling he vacations in Bali. Kuta Beach is a quick ride from the airport and full of cheap accommodations. Some great surfing schools are Odyssey and Rip Curl School of Surf, though hiring a local guide will likely be cheaper. If you possess some serious skills check out the legendary Ulu Watu break. KuDeTa is a seaside bar and restaurant that draws huge crowds. Get there early to secure a spot for sunset.

Sunset at Tanah Lot
The sea-draped temple of Tanah Lot rises out of the surf like a hazy dream along Bali's southwest coast. Beneath the waves that crash along the dark temple walls, a pride of banded sea kraits patrol the waters. The snakes guard the temple from evil spirits and harm. (Or so I've been told.) Tanah Lot is many things: magical, stunning, unlikely, romantic, and strange. It has a plucked from a dream aesthetic that allows you to believe the lore and have fun with it. A local told me about those sea kraits, and I believed him because the place looks so unreal. It seems to exist on dreamlike terms. Catching it at sunset frames the temple at its most beautiful and surreal.
On a map, Tanah Lot seems close to much of south Bali. Due to the layout of the roads, however, it takes quite a while to get there. It is best to hire a driver. Enjoy the sunset from the beach at low tide or up on the cliffs at a cafe. The nearby markets are a great place to grab some touristy trinkets and cheap art. I once bought 5 Balinese paintings for $27. If you enjoy golfing, then the nearby Nirwana Resort has the best links course in Bali.

Kecak Dance in Ulu Watu
In the 1930's, a German artist taught the Balinese a peculiar performance called the Kecak. The dance has no instruments, just vocal chords, about 100 of them. They chant generously and costumed performers dance and act out the Ramayana. While the 20th century German impetus may sound slightly inauthentic, you will hardly care about details as the sun slowly sets beyond the cliffs of Ulu Watu and you get lost in the chant. There is also lots of fire.
The show begins at 6:00pm nightly. Hire a taxi to drop you off at Ulu Watu temple. Once there, follow the crowds to the performance area. It is perched on the cliffs at the southernmost tip of Bali. Your driver will undoubtedly offer to take you to a Jimbaran seafood dinner after the show. Decline this service. It is an expensive tourist trap.

If you are headed for Uluwatu, be sure to stop by at the Monkey Forest.  It’s recommended that you enter the forest with a tour guide who will teach you how to behave with the monkeys so that they don’t become too unruly!  The monkeys love peanuts which you can buy from a stall for around 30 cents.  Be aware that the monkeys are likely to climb all over you and you need to stay calm and quiet to avoid alarming them.  It’s also worth mentioning that the monkeys can scratch and bite in their excitement.  For this reason, all monkeys are regularly injected against tetanus so although a bite would be uncomfortable it won’t give you health problems.

Snorkeling around Menjangan Island
Menjangan Island in the far west is a long trip from almost anywhere in Bali. The remote location augments the pristine experience by discouraging crowds. Much of West Bali is sparsely populated parkland, so it is a departure from the bustling south. In Menjangan, hire a boatman to take you out to the reefs for the day, and prepare to get your mind blown. Snorkeling does not get better than this. The bright reefs and strange fish will tattoo a smile upon your face. At the end of the day, shack up on the beach in nearby Pemuteran. It is wise to stay a night, or three. If you have time, then take a trip into Taman Nasional Bali Barat to view some Balinese flora and fauna.
The drive is over 3 hours from south Bali, so a day trip is way too cumbersome. A great way to experience Menjangan is too stay in nearby Pemuteran for a few nights. The Amertha in Pemuteran grazes perfection. Its secluded location framed by towering mountains and gorgeous villas with private pools is well worth the modest splurge. The amazing house reef full of critters just meters offshore will almost talk you out of visiting Menjangan. Don't let it.

Road Trip to Lake Bratan
With taxi rates substantially lower than Western standards, it is cheap and easy to hire a driver for a good old-fashioned chauffeured road trip: $50 for an entire day is about average. One of my favorite paths begins in the southern part of Bali and snakes up through the lush highlands ending at the otherworldly Lake Bratan. It takes about 2 hours. The lake is home to the unbelievably photogenic cover-girl temple, Pura Ulun Danu Bratan. The mist hangs low, the air is much cooler, and it all feels so right. This is an enlightened place.
Arrange a driver for the day through your guest-house or hotel, or use my favorite driver, the extremely jovial Made Dana

Climbing Mount Batur
The volcanic Mount Batur and surrounding lake provide a proper setting for a gorgeous clamber to the summit. The best time to climb is the morning. Most groups begin their ascent around 4am, hitting the summit at 6 to watch the sun slowly rise over the Lombok strait. Bring a jacket and be careful at the summit. Batur is an active volcano and an unfortunate tourist fell into the cauldron in early 2010.
You can arrange a trip up the mountain with your guest-house or driver. It is not too physically demanding. If you find yourself bit by the climbing bug, check out Mt. Rinjani on nearby Lombok Island. It is beast and takes several days to summit.