Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Monday

paddle board down a river.

Oh, the weekends go so fast, don't they??  Kris and I had a relaxing evening in on Friday - he picked up a few pizzas from my favorite pizzeria, Delfina's, and we watched a scary movie (he watched, I slept through on the sofa)

Saturday afternoon we drove down to Kris' parents house in Atherton, to dog-sit while they are out of town.  We went for a long walk with the pooch, and went out to dinner at the very same restaurant where we had our first date.  It's always fun to remember the early days of dating - it feels like so long ago now.

Sunday, I came back into SF early for the AIDS walk, and afterwards, tired and sore, came home to make some throw pillow covers - no sewing required!  That DIY will come later this week.

Hope you had a lovely weekend, and cheers to a wonderful week!  As my mom says, "we should never complain about Monday mornings; they are the fresh start of a new week - a clean slate."

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