Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall Fashion: Jcrew Collection

Damn you Jcrew and your awesome emails!  I got totally sucked in this morning when I innocently opened an email from them, and their Fall collection is amazing.

I LOOOOVED their Schoolboy blazer in velvet - especially in the bright Yellow, and the Mallard Green - it looks so luscious and rich...

The Double Cloth Symphony Coat was another favorite - very Jackie O with the classic cut, but the double pocket on one side makes this fresh and modern.


The color block Shearling Trench was another favorite, but at over $1000 for a coat, I think I'll just admire this one from afar

I am all about the crisp look of cropped trousers and these wild prints stood out from the rest.  I think I'll likely stick to a solid (but bright) color since I don't need to see honey comb streched across my thighs, but for the size zeros out there, please wear these so I can live vicariously through you!!

This geometric skirt makes me want to step up my work wardrobe.  My company is pretty casual, but I think a skirt like this would make me really excited to come into the office!

Hats off to the buyers at Jcrew - I'm going to give their Fall Collection an A+

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