Saturday, March 30, 2013

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?!

I have been traveling for work and completely MIA recently - I was down in sunny LA last week to meet with clients, and sync up with my team down there.

By the way, how FABULOUS was the view from my room of Santa Monica and the ocean beyond??

And the rooms at the Huntley Hotel??  Amazing.

I was loving the tufted headboards and simple decor.  Don't even get me started on the sheets - they were like a million thread-count, and absolutely heavenly.  I could have lived there forever and ever.

This week, I'll probably be completely absent from my little blog again - I am flying out to New York VERY early tomorrow morning...  getting up at 4am to catch my 6am flight!  Eeek!!  When I found out I was flying on Easter, I was admittedly bummed, but since I've NEVER been to New York, I got over that real fast.

I'm sure most of you are like, she's never been to New York??????????  That's the reaction I usually get... Unfortunately, it looks like I'll be heading into some cold weather for the next week - the weather forecast says that the high in NY this week will be around 45, so this California girl is in for a SHOCK!  I was hoping for mild spring weather, so I could trot about town in some cute full skirted numbers, a la Sex and the City.  No dice!

Despite the cold, I have a lonnnggggg list of things to check off my NYC list (when I'm not busy working).  Here are my top 5 must do/see things while I'm there...

1. Take a run through Central Park
I was hoping for a sunny scene like this one while I was there, but I suspect, it will be another month until the city is warm and blooming.  I've also been battling a pretty god awful cold this last week, so my little central park "run" may be more of a brisk walk.  The bonus is that our office is on Park Avenue, so being just two blocks from the park couldn't be more convenient for checking this off my list!!

2. Go to the Top of the Empire State Building
Totally touristy, but I'm a tourist, I couldn't care less.  I want to have my Sleepless in Seattle moment, even though I'm sure it will be elbow to elbow crowded, and I'm not meeting my secret pen pal up there... the empire state building is just so "New York"... I have to cross this off my list.  I've also learned that buying your tickets online (here), and paying the extra for the express ticket allows you to skip the lines, and head straight to the front!  Ka-ching!

3. Eat Pizza
People swear New York has the best pizza... I'll be the judge of that.  I'll be using Time Magazine's List of Top Pizzerias as my guide.  And wearing stretchy pants.

4. Swanky Drinks
I want a cosmo or a dirty martini somewhere swanky, dark, and oh-so New York.  I've heard good things about Little Branch, but I'll likely go where the wind takes me...

5. Bergdorf Goodman
For any fashion lover, it's a must.  I probably can hardly afford a key chain from there, but I will report back on the Jimmy Choo's that I oogle over.

On my ultimate New York City to-do list... I would want to see a Broadway Show, eat at all the fabulous New York City haunts (Aquavit, Le Cirque, Pastis, and Jean Gorge), pop into Tiffany's, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, rent bikes for the day in Brooklyn, find Carrie's  brownstone from SATC, and of course become BFF's with Sarah Jessica Parker.

I cannot wait!!



  1. Have a wonderful time, it is truly one of the most magical places around!
    xo K

    1. I couldn't agree more, and we're only on day 2!! Can't wait to share pics :-)

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