Thursday, July 11, 2013

Blue and White Ginger Jar Amazingness

What is it about blue and white ginger jars that are so awesome??  They are a little bit asian-inspired, a little bit traditional, and for whatever reason they are absolutely stunning in every single space.

Sculptural.  Check.

Classic.  Check.

Beautiful.  Double check.

My mom has some beautiful planters in a similar pattern, and her dishes - the Blue Danube pattern - have always been a favorite of mine as well.  Something about the royal blue and crisp white, combined with the ornate details (whether it's floral, or a whole Japanese garden scene), makes them so lovely, and elegant.

Isn't this just gorgeous filled with those ruffly full peonies???

They of course look right at home in traditional spaces - flanking an antiqued console (below), or displayed in a large collection like this formal dining room (above).

But they also look lovely in more contemporary spaces - it looks just as natural and pretty next to a piece of abstract art, and a coral lacquer box...

I've read about people finding these lovely vases and lamps at thrift stores, but while I've had my eyes peeled for a long time, I have yet to stumble upon one myself.

A collection of blue and white ginger jars is on my "one day" wish-list, but for now, I'll probably just continue to admire them from afar.

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