Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Metallic Magnets for your Refrigerator

This DIY idea started with this necklace....

...and from there, I thought of a super easy DIY that would give instant pizzazz to any blah kitchen.

You know those crazy, colorful alphabet magnets you see in most college apartments, and pretty much any home with small children??

I just realized that these magnets spell out Punch me in the Face... do we think this is a college apartment or what??

Yep, those ones... well how chic would they look in a single metallic tone!

Is it just me, or is this the coolest way to jazz up a boring refrigerator??  A cheap package of those plastic alphabet magnets, and a can of copper (or gold) spray paint!!

It's like jewelry for your fridge!  I am sooooo loving this idea...

Buy the magnets HERE
Buy the spray paint HERE

So cool, right??


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  2. Through magnets refrigerator you can brighten up your kitchenwith the collection of funny magnets. It is also a great way to bring personality and style to the world of appliances

    1. Totally agree - thanks for stopping by :-)