Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bedding Sneak Peek

I've been busy in the bedroom... get your mind out of the gutter!  I've been busy making updates in the bedroom!  We're still on hold waiting for that darn brass hardware to arrive for our new dresser, but in the meantime, our bedding got a little freshening...

I'd snagged the West Elm ikat duvet on sale, but it was taking forever to ship, so while it was en route, I started thinking of accessories, and styling...  Here's what I came up with for our bedroom... 

And as of last night, this is where our bedding landed...

Darn close... am I right?!

I made the lumbar pillow from the Waverly Santa Maria Desert Flower Fabric which I LOVE (Kris is still warming up to it), with this easy no-sew pillow cover tutorial.  It literally took me about 15 minutes on Sunday night to whip it up!

You can't see it in this picture, but the crap storage under the bed is now concealed by a neutral bed-skirt.  Nothing special - we just wanted it to blend in and hide all the random stuff under our bed (board games, surf-board bags, College memorabilia, fake flowers, Christmas ornaments... you name it)

These are just low resolution iPhone photos, and there are more to come - I'm still hunting down Euro shams to cover the plain white pillows, but instead of a black stripe, I think it would be really cool to use a similar ultra-marine blue to the dresser / TV stand...

I know... you guys haven't seen it yet, but this is still a progress photo.  Looking good though, eh??

Now I'm scheming for some sort of artwork, mirror, clock, fill-in-the-blank to hang over the bed, and surround the TV.  Not that I want to put too many more holes in our walls... but just a little something to draw the eye up.  It's been looking mighty empty over our gorgeous headboard, and the wall behind the TV is still crying out for something...

I still love our white and blue bedding, and don't you worry... it WILL be back... but this is a fun change for now...

Ahh, so pretty... but a little too summery right now...

Do you remember what our bedroom used to look like??  Before the blue accents, the bedroom looked like this...

And before that, it looked like this...

And look at the busy dark curtains... what was I thinking??

And remember this??

Yep, lots of changes over the last two years...  It's so awesome to be able to look back over the evolution of this space...


  1. I am loving the changes! The floral is perfect... and the mix of patterns are spot on!

    1. Aww thanks! We have a grey blue trellis rug in our living room that I've been dying to move in here! I think it would be so much better than the ivory, but there is so much to move... I'm not sure it's worth the effort! Thanks for stopping by :-)

    2. I love this look! Was wondering what the measurements are of your floral pillow on the bed and how much fabric you ordered to make it! I have that same duvet and just love this look!

    3. Hey Christine! I ordered 2 yards of fabric for the pillow cover - it measures roughly 14"x 38", and I had plenty of fabric to spare! Actually so much so that I was able to fairly accurately match up the pattern on the fold on the back where the fabric overlaps!

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