Tuesday, December 20, 2011

San Francisco Eats: Gary Danko

Today, our lovely partners at Collective media took our agency out for lunch - not only did they invite the entire agency team, but they rented out Gary Danko - one of the most premier restaurants in San Francisco.  They arranged to open the restaurant for our group, selected a phenomenal menu, and we spent a glorious 3 hours there this afternoon indulging over food, fabulous company, and wine pairings.

We started with this incredible butternut squash soup with apple compote and aged balsamic (I WISH I could make that), and moved on to scallops.  Then we moved on to filet mignon with risotto, and finally dessert.  What I wouldn't give if unbuttoning the top button on your jeans was socially acceptable!

Yet another over-the-top fabulous meal - with all of this holiday indulgence, I won't fit into my pants soon!

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