Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Fashion: Neon Pink

                         Jcrew Spring/Summer 2012

Neon Pink is making a comeback kids - back from the 80's and hotter than ever, its a huge spring trend that you won't be able to ignore!  Not that I can pull off a neon pink blouse with neon pink lace pants, but if Jcrew says it's all the rage, then you KNOW neon is going to be making a splash.

The look above is for the ultra fashion forward, but for the rest of us fashion minions, here are a few baby steps to making neon work for you!

Neon Top:
neon with lace
Pair a hot pink slouchy t-shirt (LA cool) with a sweet lace skirt for a weekend appropriate brunch with girlfriends look.

Neon Mini:
finally! "back in stock" :) neon pink bandage skirt
Or... take the above concept and flip-flop it - "demure" lace on top, and shocking pink mini on the bottom - perfect for a night out dancing.  Note: NOT appropriate for daytime.

Neon Waist:
Neon skinny belt at Ann Taylor
Anne Taylor
Give your work look a splash of neon with a skinny belt - to be worn with high waisted trousers, a pencil skirt, or to cinch in a cardigan sweater.

Sexy Neon:
Neon pink ruffles
Take neon sexy all the way with a backless ruffled dress - wear it on vacation (a total compliment to a fabulous tan), or just feel like you are vacation trotting about town.

Neon Tote:
Neon and neutral
DVF via Shopbop
Carry it around - a bold neon pink stripe brings this otherwise very safe bag to life.

Neon Toes:
diy neon toed shoes...i think i could do this!
Green Wedding Shoes
A fun DIY: neon tipped pumps.  Grab a can of spray paint, and treat your toes to a fun pop of pink.

Neon Skinnies:
neon pink!
Hot pink skinny jeans is another statement for the adventurous dressers - another side note: if your legs, hips, and/or thighs are your problem areas, do not try to pull this off

Neon Lips:
Wake up your face with some bold pink lips - minimal eye make-up required, so this is the perfect look for days when you are running late

Neon "Dress":
Pink neon skirt <3
Splended via Shopbop
Brunching, lunching, and shopping... here I come!  How can you not feel pretty and set for spring in this simple dress (yes it's a dress - not a skirt).  LOVE.


  1. where did you get the neon mini skirt?!?!?!? help me im desperate for it!

    1. I actually saw one at Charlotte Russe (of all places) for $20 - a total steal! It's not the SAME, but sooo close! Thanks for reading!


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