Monday, June 24, 2013

X (bench) Marks the Spot

For anyone else out there that is a devout follower of the wedding blog, Style Me Pretty, you probably also follow their spin off blog, SMP Living.  Last week they had a FABULOUS feature on "how to makeover an x bench".

I have been a long-time lover of the x-bench, and had been on the hunt for a pair for a while, to fill the empty space below the large piece of art in our living room (well the space occupied with bags for donation in this photo...)

A few months back, when I first found our tripod lamp, I even created a mock of how I saw this wall looking... complete with x-benches.  Unfortunately, not much has changed in this space since I posted this back in January:

SMP's x-bench makeover gave me the inspiration to look into getting a pair of x-benches again, and so I hunted about for some additional inspiration...

X-Benches as a lovely accent under a console table...

X-benches are lovely at the foot of a bed...

X-benches are the perfect seat to tuck under a desk

X-benches are the perfect way to add seating in a living room...

Now the real trick is to find a pair of x-benches... they are apparently not available online, and so I suspect I'll be making some calls to a few stores today...

Happy Monday!


  1. LOVE X benches, but have never found a pair online either! Hope you find something great. xo

    1. oh my gosh... I am mid project right now - cannot wait for my new xbenches to be finished!!!

  2. I love the benches. I wish I could make them work somehow in my house. I think they would like great in at the end of my bed, but my bedroom is on the small side. I love your rug too. I have the same one!

    1. Great minds think alike :-) Thanks for stopping by - love your blog!

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