Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bedroom Curtains: Silk vs. Linen

I am making a bit of headway on the bedroom, and have hung some new curtains!!  The problem is that I am now having a hard time deciding which ones to keep.  Overall, I want to go for something lighter, that won't make the room feel smaller, darker, etc.

In advance, please excuse the poor iPhone pictures taken at night. 

Option I: Silk Dupioni Panels: 
These are a really pretty creme color, have a nice sheen, and dress things up a bit.  I also love that they are lined (to keep the room extra dark when we are sleeping).  I don't like that they are the exact same curtains we have for the living room - I was hoping to mix it up a bit...

Option II: Linen Panels:
These are definitely more casual, and give the room a more earthy, natural feeling.  These curtains are unlined, which is great on the one hand, becuase they let in quite a bit of light.  Unfortunately, being unlined means that they let in unwanted light at night when I am trying to sleep, and the neighbors have their lights on at 3am.  The other con to the linen is that they are more of a buckwheat color, so they blend in with the walls.

Looking at these pictures side by side, I realize what an unfair comparison it is, becuase truth be told, I really do love the linen drapes.  I just have a feeling that the silk will be more practical... and they are so luscious and pretty.  Well, perhaps my mind is already made up!


  1. Rubber backed curtains will also last longer, specifically at a window exactly where the sunlight streams in throughout the afternoon.

    1. Great tip! Do the curtains come with rubber backs, or can you buy those separately?

      Thanks for reading!

    2. You can decide between the curtains for bedroom and choose the material between silk and linen. Useful post

    3. Thanks for the input! I am a sucker for silk curtains :-)

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