Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pink and Gold

Ahh, happy Tuesday!  I had a fabulous long weekend in the mountains with my best friend and her family, and I am back, and refreshed!!  On my mind today??  This lovely spring-like weather SF is having... and with that, spring time colors...

Seriously, is there anything better than a color combo of pink and gold?  It's feminine, delicate, and now that Christmas is over, and Valentine's day is the next "big holiday" I keep seeing it EVERYWHERE.  I think it's such a pretty combination for everything.  It's feminine without being girly.  It's fresh, and pretty, and just screams Spring is around the corner!!

Some of my favorites??

This chair for starters... Hello beautiful - wouldn't this make a fabulous desk chair, or dining chair for the head of the table?  Even in a hallway, or best of all, in a huge, lovely walk in closet!

For a party - favors and cake.  Pink and gold are right at home here!!

Fresh flowers and a pretty votive candle are perfect in pink and gold.  Imagine if those garden roses were in a gold vase.  Ugh - I want!

For the daring - pink and gold wallpaper.  Perhaps the sassiest combination of these colors yet!
Source Unknown

Gold flatware is making a huge comeback - imagine an Easter table set with these and pretty pink ribbons.

In art, this look is bold, but still very soft at the same time (does that even make sense??)  What a pretty combo with that brass lamp for a home office.

If you aren't fully committed to pink and gold in your home, this fun wrapping paper would make any friend smile on her birthday...

Or for Valentines Day, this skirt could easily take you to work, as well as to dinner with your honey, or V-Day drinks with girlfriends.

Pink and gold... amazing right??  Get on board!

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