Thursday, December 19, 2013

Custom Stationary

Who else here reads Cupcakes and Cashmere??  Emily was the second blog that I got into after discovering Centsational Girl.  It was like my eyes had been opened to this awesome little world that I had no idea existed!!

Well Emily has made quite a career for herself, having already published a lifestyle book that spun off from her blog, and she is so talented and relatable - I think that's why I (and so many others) just love her.  I look to her for inspiration for fashion, crafting, and recipes all the time, but this week she posted about creating your own stationary, and a light bulb went off in my head.

photo via cupcakes and cashmere

I've already ordered my own embosser, a few stamps, clear ink, and some heavy cardstock and I'm like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning right now...  I cannot WAIT to test it out!  For more details on how to do this on your own, by all means check out her tutorial and examples...

In the meantime, I've been looking for inspiration for stationary that I want to try and re-create on my own...

How fun would it be to make some stationary that gives a nod to our little city by the bay??  This would be so cute!

And simple personalized stationary is so lovely with just their initials embossed on it.  This one would make a really great, personal gift for a friend.
And one with chevron... I need to find a larger chevron stamp, but I'm sure I can make that happen... imagine this in gold.  AMAZING...
Anything with dogs would be perfect too... I mean how cute are these??

Ok, the embosser needs to get here already!  I'm raring to go!


  1. I love this! I'm have a strong belief in the importance of a hand written note. It doesn't get any better than writing it on stationary you designed. Now that's a personal touch!

    1. Agreed!! Just got my shipping notification... perhaps it will be here in time to write all my xmas thank yous :-)