Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Danish Design

I've always found myself drawn to more traditional spaces... but more recently I've found myself also drawn to more modern, Danish spaces.  Spaces that are more minimalist... more plain for a lack of better words.  If you'd asked me a year or two ago my thoughts on Danish decor, you would have gotten a MUCH different answer.

Ikea probably popularized the minimalism of Scandinavian design, and perhaps it's in my blood (being Danish and all), but I find myself drawn to these spaces more and more recently...

Possibly the most gorgous mud room... right??  The natural fibers, the muted colors, and the big baskets waiting to corral shoes, towels, clothes... naughty children...

It's all very easy on the eyes - super soothing.

This is actually Julianne Moore's home, and as simple as this bedroom is, how cool are those sconces on either side of the bed?  Simple, but unique, and I love them.

Isn't that so true of most Scandinavian furniture?  It's soooo simple, almost to the point of boring, but then there is something unique about it that makes it sooo beautiful.

The two tone wood bookshelf is to die for, and the natural cow hide rug??  Don't even get me started... 

These rooms are all about balance, neutral colors, and RESTRAINT... things I'm still working on myself!

This bookshelf really is something too - it would be so easy for an entire wall of books to look like a huge eyesore, but by keeping the cubbies large, the books both stacked and lined up, and by not filling each hubby to the brim, it's so clean looking and pretty.

All that oiled teak wood and the large tiles on the floor??  It's like a gorgeous spa!

Yes, Danish design is all about restraint... not overloading the walls with art, not over-styling each table, looking to nature for inspiration (the gorgous wood floors, the driftwood candlealbra, and the clean lines met with interesting shapes.

So what's your verdict??  Do you love or hate this style?

Could you see yourself living in these minimalist rooms or is "more" better?


  1. I love danish design... but never can seem to pull of the total minimal look! I think I have a good mix of traditional and modern. Little accents here and there are perfect touches with traditional!

    1. Amen sister! I admire it from afar, but know that I could never decorate so minimally...