Monday, May 21, 2012

Frugal Fashion Finds

Happy Monday!!

I had a fabulous weekend - did a little shopping, a lot of eating, and somehow managed to survive Bay to Breakers!  Does anyone watch How I Met Your Mother??  If anyone is obsessed with that show like I am, than you can fully appreciate my reference to the Murtaugh list.  There are no extended clips online but take a look at this BRIEF clip, and you'll get the gist. I believe Bay to Breakers (while fun) is going on my "Murtaugh List", if ya know what I mean ;-)

On Saturday, I did a bit of retail therapy, and went downtown to H&M.  If anyone knows what the downtown is like on a weekend, then you know that I was a brave soul to venture out there with all the tourists, wandering aimlessly with their maps. Anyway, I am SO glad that I took on the masses, because I walked away with some true gems!
This dress is actually my FAVORITE thing that I walked away with this weekend, and of course I can't find it on H&M's site to save my life!  Luckily for me Google Images supplied me with a very similar (if not the same) dress, but in navy.

I'm not loving the navy, so I feel like this blurry pic does not come close to doing my new dress any justice, but I picked it up in the prettiest shade of pale mint green, with a lovely apricot belt!  They also had the same dress in taupe with white polka dots... it was a tough decision. Between the oh so fun color combo, and the flirty, twirly full skirt, I cannot wait to wear this baby!

The bonus?? It's price tag, at just $29 bucks!  OH YEAH!

Kris has promised me a "dressy date night" this weekend, so I think I will get to show off my new dress sooner than later!

In addition to my ladylike dress, I took home a new sundress, a cute black tulip skirt (sans tacky belt), a peach lacy top (pictured below in aqua), and a new bikini courtesy of Victoria's Secret.

Now if only I had Victoria's Secret to looking that fabulous in a bikini, I'd have all the answers... (pun intended)!

Happy Monday!

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