Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Glitter Guide: Holiday Decor

Gold is in, in a big way - gold jewelery, watches, brass hardware, and gilded picture frames - it's everywhere!  Gold is the perfect transitional color for the holidays, and can take you from Thanksgiving seamlessly into Christmas (and beyond if you ask me).

I'm a big fan of transitional decor - things that feel like the season... not specifically the holiday, so I've pulled together some of my favorite gold accessories to incorporate into your seasonal decor, for a little glitz and glam that doesn't scream "Santa Claus"


Stag Head: Ok... so he's not gold... but I couldn't resist!!  How cute would he be with a boxwood wreath around his neck... OR... a gold ornament wreath (in keeping with the gold theme here)... post holidays he could transition into a jaunty scarf...  Right?!

Jewelry Box: I need this.  My jewelry has taken over an entire dresser drawer and it's just mayhem.  I can never find anything, so this jewelry box (or a set of several) would be amazing... and simply gorgeous to keep out on a dresser or nightstand to hold the pieces I wear the most.

Honeycomb Ice Bucket: A super stylish way to keep drinks chilled at a holiday party...

Confetti Martini Shaker:  Um... I love this.  It's a party even before the drinks get poured!!

Gold Ikat Coasters: Another favorite of mine on here - to jazz up a coffee table and protect your furniture!  So cute, people will actually WANT to use them!

Gold Swirl Art: This is seasonally agnostic if you ask me!  I mean... this would look equally great in the summer as it would next to the glinting lights of the Christmas tree.

Cheers Bitches Banner: And.... perhaps my favorite item on the list.  How funny and awesome is this little banner??  Hanging over the drink table??  Love.


  1. LOVE the "seasonal" decorating vs. holiday. It's so timeless! Featuring you and Cup Half Full on the blog tomorrow for my own X Bench Makeover reveal. Thanks for the inspiration! xo

    1. You are just TOO SWEET for re-posting... hope all is well in your world!!

  2. I need ALL of these things. Just found this blog and I love your style!

    1. Oh my gosh - that just seriously made my day :-) Thanks for stopping by!!