Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Heaven is... a HUGE Walk in Closet

I am officially in la la land today, daydreaming the day away - our bedroom is currently in shambles, my clothes residing in cardboard boxes while I refinish my armoire.  The closet is deep, so holds two full racks of clothes, but because one rack is directly behind the other, I can really only see half my wardrobe!  First world problems? Yes.  But, I'm allowed to be a little self indulgent as a girl who is literally living out of a box.  I would give my right arm for one of these dreamy dressing rooms where all my clothes were color categorized, all my bags on display, and all my shoes out in the open to admire.  As a visual person, I think this would be not only a total luxury, but totally useful!  I'd actually end up wearing more of my clothes that are currently hanging forgotten in the back of my closet on my "tier two" rack!  Maybe Kris is onto something with his hankerings to move to the suburbs...

Enjoy the dreamy gallery of walk-ins below!

Shoe Closet modern closet
modern closet design
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