Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rainy Day

Photo courtesy of barriebriggsspang
Call me crazy, but its a rainy day here, and I am thrilled!  We have been so blessed this winter to enjoy summer-like weather.  It has been mild - and dare I say it, downright WARM!  To be flouncing about town in a sundress in January has been kind of amazing, but I've been craving some cozy winter weather.

Finally... it's here!  The rain started up last night, and I just LOVE to listen to the rain as I fall asleep.  I keep all the windows open and pile on the blankets - its so comforting and cozy.

Days like today make me want to hunker down in some flannel pajammas, light a few candles, and watch romantic comedies a la When Harry Met Sally and Pretty Woman.  Sooo good - tonight, we are headed to a fancy schmancy dinner at this new restaurant / lounge called 25 Lusk.  I have only been to the bar scene there, but have heard the food is FABULOUS!  It's no rom com with a bottle of wine, but I'll take it!

Happy rainy day!

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