Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ceiling Beams

I've always loved the look of beams on a ceiling, and one day would love to live in a home where we had this extra detail.  I've often watched home improvement shows where they've added beams to a high ceiling, and it instantly makes the room seem special.  Whether they are a part of the structure, actually helping to hold up the building, or if they are just there for aesthetics, there are core reasons I absolutely love exposed beams on the ceiling...

1. Exposed beams give a room a Spanish flair - if you are going for a "Mediterranean" look in your home, exposed beams are a surefire way to do that!

2. Ceiling beams make a house feel rustic - like a hunting lodge or remote cabin in the mountains - and create a cozy space in a room with vastly high ceilings

3. Beams instantly create architectural interest in a room, enhance existing architectural details, and can add character to an otherwise ordinary space


  1. Ugh, love these. My apartment is probably from the mid- 1990's, we definitely don't have these awesome details. One day...
    - Kelsey

    1. One day... I feel like I find myself constantly saying that! Dah!

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