Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mounted Deer Heads... OH yeahhh

Is it me, or is anything with an antler trendy as heck right now?!


I've personally never been into anything that came from a carcass, but between my new obsession with anything faux fur, and my growing desire to purchase something with antlers to put on the wall, I am getting slightly worried!

I've been seeing photos of mounted antlers and animal heads (both real and fake) making a statement everywhere from Target, to ZGallerie, to Urban Outfitters to the pages of House Beautiful, and while I never thought I'd say this... I really want one too!

How awesome is that white lacquer deer head mounted on those rich dark walls??


I also love this rustic grouping above that FABULOUS console (look at those gorgeous turned legs!!)  I have to say, Restoration Hardware definitely has a "look" - right?? I could tell this image (sourced through Pinterest) originally came from the Restoration Fall Catalog.


While this look has turned into a bit of an obsession for me, I draw the line at anything taxidermied.  My uncle is an avid hunter, and all the moose and elk heads always freaked me out as a child...


I am pretty sure that the mounted (fake) deer heads could very easily become one of those "what the hell was I thinking" moments...  also, Kris will likely think I've lost my mind if I even try to bring one of these guys home, but I still secretly love this trend.


  1. Calling Uncle Clay! I'm sure he'll donate one to the cause...

    1. Haha - not sure I can handle a real one!!

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