Friday, November 9, 2012

Taking a Shortcut in the Kitchen

You know those days that you are dead tired after work, and cannot imagine putting the effort into actually cooking something?  Well that was me last night.

This last year, I've been trying to improve my culinary skills, but having lived on my own for years before moving in with my sweetiepie, my specialty is the semi-homemade meal for one.  AKA - taking something that comes pretty much ready to heat and serve, and making it "fancy" with a few chopped fresh ingrediants. A trick I learned from my dad, and it really helps (if you've ever tried his "fancy" hotdogs with cheese, chopped scallions, fresh tomatoes, and diced jalapeno, you know what I mean!)

Well last night, soup was on the menu - this one in particular is filling and incredibly delicious for a canned soup - I highly recommend.  Being on my little diet, the best part about this soup in particular, is that for the full can (two servings) it's just 280 calories.  Works for me baby!

A cubed avocado, some fresh cilantro, some diced jalapeno, and a dash of red chili flakes later (yes, I like it spicy) my boring can of soup was transformed.  And I was a happy girl :-)

Any advice for other fancied up shortcut meals??

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  1. Love this Becky, sounds delicious and easy!
    xo K