Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Citrus Garlands - Inspiration and Tutorial

Is this holiday mantle just to die for, or what??  I just love the lush garland draped over the hearth, heavy with citrus fruit, and evergreen branches.  I can almost smell it!

You might think oranges and lemons are better left for the summer months, but I beg to differ!  Look how fabulous this tree is!

And another peek of the tree up close...

By mixing the citrus with gold and bronze bulb ornaments, it feels fresh, but still traditional, and you can imagine how pretty it is at night.

A few of the oranges have been embellished with thumbnails - clever!  It reminds of me being little - my sister and I would be enlisted to puncture a few oranges with cloves.  The smell is intoxicating.  I can't even explain it!

And just look at that staircase!!  It has another massive garland adorned with more citrus - it's as lovely as the first.

While it's a simple idea, it has a huge impact - especially against that black and white wall.

I knew I'd seen a DIY online for a pretty citrus garland (since these are EXTREMELY expensive if ordered from a florist), and sure enough... I had bookmarked one about a year ago!

Oh Happy Day is my go-to for anything crafty, and party related.  A few years back, they posted this FABULOUS tutorial on putting together a pretty citrus garland.

Their tutorial is wonderful, but to add the holiday look and feel of the garlands above, be sure to incorporate pine or evergreen branches, some gold ribbon, and a few pine cones!


  1. Becky,
    Beautiful holiday pics, but I love those chairs!!! Now about my DIY burlap lampshade...I used burlap ribbon and just wrappped it around the shade...so very easy.


    1. I love it! My hot glue gun is one of my favorite things I own :-)