Sunday, December 2, 2012


I've tried to resist, but I think it's time to give in!  Jcrew's little frenchie sweater has made it's rounds in all the magazines, blogs, and must-have lists this fall, it's not hard to see why!  He is just the cutest!

I especially love how StyleScribe styled it with a cute navy mini and oatmeal coat draped over the shoulders.  Is there anything more "east coast collegiate" than a wool coat draped over your shoulders??

I kind of feel stalkerish posting this photo from The Rose Record, but Katie's little frenchie could not be cuter, and the striped button down underneath the sweater is awesome - espeically with the sleeves rolled up.


And how is this for adorable??  A bright yellow pencil skirt, a large print navy checker shirt, and brown leather accessories!


I think it's final... I NEED this sweater (and a yellow pencil skirt!)


  1. I just went to look for this sweater and can't find it - is it all sold out?
    - Kelsey