Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Girls Trip: LA Weekend

I am SOOO excited...  I am headed off to La-la Land just after the Fourth of July with some girl friends for a quick getaway, and it could not come sooner!  We are all in need of a little sunshine, girl time, and some summery cocktails by the pool.

We are staying at The Sandard, West Hollywood, and for any fellow Sex and the City lovers, that's the hotel the ladies stayed at during their LA trip.  It's totally 60's mod, with a great pool, and it's just steps from all the hottest restaurants and bars on the strip.  CAN. NOT. WAIT.

For anyone who has ever been to LA (or So-Cal for that matter) you know that it's a total scene, and it's all about what you are wearing 24/7, so I'm using this little trip as an excuse to go shopping... I have a few very clear images in my mind of what I'm looking for... we'll see if I can make these "wants" become a reality...

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La La Land I

This high-low dress is eerily similar to one of my favorite looks from Pinterest (remember #10 from this post a few weeks back?)  This outfit is easy-breezy, while still being totally on trend... perfect for a bit of shopping, lunching at The Ivy, Star Spotting, and throwing over my swimsuit after a bit of sun-bathing by the pool.  Must find....

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La La Land II

This flirty little circle skirt will still be flattering after a big dinner, while the high necked blouse keeps it from being over the top at a restaurant.  It's LA - not SF - so edgier is always better.  I love the studded clutch next to the soft skirt.  I'm imagining something like this for dinner at Katana or FireFly...

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La La Land III

I am thinking something white at night to compliment my new LA tan... this dress is sexy without being too much.  I love the deep-v, and the flattering pleats.  That belt is very mod itself, and a few sassy accessories like the leopard clutch and coral drop earrings keep the focus on the dress.  I'll be wearing this at the top of Skybar, for a little dancing and cocktail sipping under the stars.

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