Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bedding Switcheroo

While we are still waiting on a new bed (bedding, headboard, etc.) I was itching to mix up the look of our bedroom.  Now that it's officially fall, I decided it was time to put the warm blanket back on the bed.  It's double-sided with tan on one side, and a soft white fleece on the other.  I kept the fleecy side faced up, and folded the comforter at the foot of the bed.

I swapped out the blue and white chevron for a few furry white pillows, and added on an autumnal lumbar pillow that used to have a home in our living room.  I love how white, and soft, and pretty it all looks - it really makes the lumbar pillow pop.

While it's not permanent, I am LOVING the change.  Does anyone else have complete ADD when it comes to moving things around??

Aside from the aesthetic updates, I also took the time to iron the sheets.  No I'm not totally crazy - it makes all the difference in the world.  I can't wait to dive into the bed tonight!


  1. This looks great! Love the white and love the new pillow. My bedroom could use a little change come to think if it...
    - Kelsey

    1. Aww, thanks! And thanks for reading!