Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wishbone Art

We have a lot of framed pictures in our house - photographs we've taken for the most part, but I've been looking for some new art to add some variation.  I don't think I am that picky, but everything (non-photographs) that I've seen at a reasonable price, seems so generic (I'm not feeling the Monet replicas or the bowl of fruit... thanks but no thanks).

I was on Houzz looking for inspiration, and randomly came across this awesome gold wishbone print.  It's actually from Etsy, and even though it's affordable, I actually think that it would be a fun project to do myself.  It looks simple enough, so I plan on channeling my inner artist (pronounced arteest) to whip something similar up...

Etsy Print
That's what I'll be doing tonight... what about you?

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