Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Faux Fur Fantasies

Whlep... our glorious "Indian Summer" has come to a screeching halt today.  We'd had blazing temperatures in our little city by the bay for the last few days.  Kris and I even got a little evening ritual down where we'd walk down to get some frozen yogurt after dinner - sans hoodies, jackets, or any sort of outerwear.  Yep, that means I was strolling around San Francisco in a sleeveless dress and sandals last night at 9pm.  And I was still hot.

Anyway, the fog just rolled in this afternoon around 4pm, and so I think it's safe to say that our heat wave is over.  Sad.  On the flip side, I've been thinking about cozy fall nights, and I keep coming back to the idea of fur.  Actually... faux fur.  Scared yet?

Don't be... I think there are some fabulous options, and done in the right way, it can look really pretty - cozy, inviting, and not at all "Jersey Shore"

Here are a few shots I'm using for inspiration:

See!!  Amazing right?!  Obviously, a real fur throw would cost me my next year's salary (and then some), and since I'm not into animal cruelty, I'd want to go faux all the way.  Next step??  Finding some viable options that are not only in the budget, but that don't look like fake fur.

I saw that West Elm had a few priced at $119.  Not bad, and they look good enough to burrow in permanently...

World Market had a few last week when I swung in over lunch, but as good as they look in this picture, they felt rough to the touch... it's a shame, because they are a FABULOUS deal at just $60.

What are your thoughts on faux fur in the house?  Big mistake, or amazing decision?*All homes a feature of Houzz


  1. I don't have any faux fur in my house, but I do love the inspiration photos you picked! Certainly looks cozy! I'd have to figure out how to incorporate it into my current decor, but I think I'd like some!

    1. I know, right?! I'm not a big faux fur person, but it's seriously growing on me! If you see any great "faux" finds, keep me posted :-)