Thursday, October 18, 2012

Easy Appetizers: Watermelon with Balsamic

I love to have easy appetizer recipes on hand because no one wants to be stuck in a kitchen during a party.  Plus, our place is small, so hot appetizers mean a hot oven... which means a hot house.  No thank you!

That is why I am so in love with this Watermelon with Balsamic dish that I found on Show Food Chef.  It's simple, and easy to make ahead of time, so I'm all about it!

What do you need??
  - Watermelon
  - Melon Scoop
  - Reduced Balsamic

To prepare:
  - Cut the watermelon into one inch cubes
  - Use the small melon scoop to remove the center of each cube
  - Place cubes upside down on a paper towel to remove extra liquid
      (cover with plastic wrap and put in fridge for at least 20 minutes)
  - Remove from fridge, and add a few drops of the balsamic reduction to the centers
  - Garnish with mint or basil (just to make it pretty)

And it's that easy!!  Maybe I'll be making this for our next book club meeting!

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